Sunday, May 19, 2013

BET: The Game Will Be Back in July to Finish Out Season 6

Many fans of The Game -- including ourselves -- were taken aback when BET showed previews for their upcoming show airing Tuesday May 21. We were shocked to hear during the preview that it was The Game's Season Finale!! Stacey Brewer, of Hampton Blu, on her radio show even stated a theory that this could possibly be a sign that The Game is ending. 

"Perhaps BET opted to cut season 6 short -- and just give it 10 episodes - despite the fact that 20 episodes were filmed for Season 6," she stated. With that, Stacey thought perhaps the remaining 10 episodes would be The Game's "Season 7," which BET announced recently. More bluntly, it appeared like BET did not want to fund for another 20 episodes for The Game -- so instead they possibly split Season 6 into 2 seasons and that would be the end of The Game. 

Luckily this theory is wrong, the Akils posted recently on their facebook page, "#TheGame isn't ending just yet, we'll be down after next week on a little break until July, then back with 10 more episodes to finish out season 6." Season 7 will air in 2014. Thank God! The Game fans may rejoice! 

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