Wednesday, May 15, 2013

#MusicLives: Eazy E & Ol' Dirty Bastard Holograms for Rock The Bells Festival

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The late Eazy E and Ol' Dirty Bastard will be able to perform in front of their fans one more time, as TMZ is reporting that the two legendary rappers will hit the stage as holograms at this year's Rock The Bells festival. Both rap legends died too soon, Easy E died of AIDS at the age of 31, and Ol' Dirty Bastard died of a drug overdose at the age of 35, but the music lives on.

Promoters of the annual "Rock The Bells" festival have confirmed a "virtual Eazy E" and a "virtual ODB" will perform on stage (a la Tupac).

According to All Hip Hop, Eazy E will perform with Bone Thugs-Harmony and ODB will perform with the WU Tang Clan. Let's just hope the holograms do not collapse with all of those members of the WU Tang Clan on stage. Snoop Dogg...Lion...mentioned that he had to be extra careful during his performance with "virtual Tupac" because if he got too close to whatever mark he was told to avoid, "virtual Tupac" would have shattered...

Here is a clip of the first hip hop hologram performer...Tupac at Coachella 2012. But can we get Biggie, Left Eye, and Aaliyah holograms...we're just saying! #MusicLives


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